Équipe Executive


Daniel Morin

Founder & CEO

Dan is a software architect and entrepreneur from Canada. He is the founder and CEO of a successful software company www.GenoPro.com with 2.2 million subscribers that has been on the market since 1998. His program GenoPro, a graphic software for drawing family trees and genograms, has been translated in 38 languages and sold over 205 countries in the world. He is also one of the first university professors in the world teaching about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology since 2013. Dan is a keen reader on economics and a visionary that has been gestating ideas for building a society with a polycentric governance system for over a decade. He hates bureaucracy and is obsessed about optimizing everything for everyone. While dreaming about a society where everyone is served in the most efficient way, he has created a decentralized secure communication platform for the Mariposa government. This platform allows to automate and notarize most governmental services, send and receive payments, create legally-binding blockchain-based digital contracts and enforce them, lower the cost of arbitration while resolving disputes, and build a reputation in a fair, reliable, and transparent way. For crypto enthusiasts, this app has a built-in wallet with APIs to automate crypto transactions.

Katerina Morin

Founder & Communications Officer

Katerina is a psychologist from Russia, and Fulbright Scholarship alumni with Masters Degree in Communication Studies from University of Kansas (USA). Her expertise is in Organizational and Intercultural Communications. Moreover, since 2019 she has been a Nonviolent Communication trainer. She would love to contribute to establishing harmony in her community by teaching its members a peaceful way for conflict resolution and raising awareness about Restorative Justice as an effective solution for nonviolent crimes.Yet, her biggest passion is empowering future mothers by assisting them in creating healthy pregnancies and enjoyable birth experiences. She has worked as a birth doula and birth educator since 2016, and is the only certified Ecstatic Birth Practitioner in Latin America. Her dream is to found a natural birth center that will become a magnet for future parents and birth practitioners that want to learn and experience Ecstatic Birth. She believes her center may become the biggest driver in changing our current birth culture – which is dominated by fear and violence – into an Ecstatic Birth culture, or in other words, a birth culture that is centered around honoring women and that recognizes the nature of women’s sacred function and the importance of a birthing mother’s pleasure and psychological well-being. You can learn more about her work at www.BirthWithPleasure.com.

Harry Bushwitz

Chief Development Officer

Harry is an entrepreneur from the U.S. with extensive experience in construction. He is a former Citibank Vice President of Business Development and a former senior division manager at AT&T responsible for the conversion of the AT&T Universal Card portfolio. He has over 20 years of combined experience in operational and technical leadership positions in software development, project life cycle, strategic development and financial administration. He influenced stakeholders in cross-departmental initiatives to achieve organizational objectives. We chose to work with Harry because he has demonstrated skills in strategic planning and forecasting to lead teams to achieve optimal results. He is results driven, capable of evaluating and enhancing operational processes to deliver an efficient outcome.

César Gonzáles Ramírez

General Counsel

César is a Honduran lawyer and entrepreneur. He has been an International consultant in legal, banking, business, market and institutional issues over 35 years. He is a founder of C.A. Gonzales Associates, a firm that specializes in consulting about the modernization of private and public managerial systems, strategy analysis and implementation of sensitive options. He is the founder of Environmental, Education and Health NGO`s, has been a Board Member of Honduran American Chamber of Commerce, and Founder of Honduras PRC Chamber of Commerce. He served as the ambassador of the Republic of Honduras in Nicaragua from 2002 to 2004. As a former Executive director of Fundación Democracia y Desarrollo de Honduras FDDH he formulated and initiated a Judiciary Reform Public support and awareness program: Justicia Sin Política. He has conducted extensive research and consultation on overcoming trade and investment barriers for multinationals in Central America. During the last 12 years he has been involved in sustainable development institutional arrangements and public policy shaping in the region. César sees ZEDE law as a great opportunity to improve life conditions of Honduran people and was in the team that polished the English version of the ZEDE Organic law / Decree No. 120-2013 back in 2013. César is a Honduran born with a lot of talent and an impeccable reputation and thus, a great candidate to become future Technical Secretary of ZEDE Mariposa.

Sergio Ra

Chief Architect

Sergio Ra is the artistic name of a famous Russian architect Sergei Nepomniashchii (name chosen to ease communication in the Western World) whose architectural style can be compared to the one of Vincent Callebaut and Jean Nouvel. Sergio specializes in ReUrbanistic Ecology. He used to be a professor at Moscow Architecture University (Best Architecture School in Russia) teaching how to create a city that does not use the natural resources surrounding it but rather contributes to restoring them. Moreover, he is an author of his own method of 3D urban planning based on the most efficient use of sunlight to build an ultra-dense and ultra-comfortable city. His method is called Heliotecture. Sergio has been an entrepreneur since 1991 and successfully used his method to realize several innovative projects of houses and micro-districts. Among his most notable projects are a multi-use complex consisting of a large tourist resort and apartments north of Agios Nikolaos in Crete island, Greece, and ecological reurbanization of multiple large territories included in the approved master plan of the city of Shantou, China.

Jonathan Welby Norman

Marketing Manager

Jonathan is a Honduran investor and entrepreneur who has founded a Honduran Organic farm and Eco Lodge “Finca Dos Libertadores”. He is also a shareholder and member of the Management Counsel of Alfa Education Center, a private K-12 education center in the island of Roatan, Honduras. He has an International Business B.A, and Finance B.S. from LeTourneau University (USA) and used to work as a finance manager and finance controller for several touristic resorts in Honduras: Pineapple Villas Resort and Spa, Infinity Bay Resort and Spa, and Barefoot Cay Boutique Resort and Marina. He also has helped a few investors relocate and invest in Honduras. Jonathan is a value driven individual and chose to work with us because he sees a huge importance of Mariposa as an experiment in social structures. He is an excellent writer and we appreciate his perspective as a Honduran entrepreneur who knows the pains of Honduran people, and is eager to experience first hand a community we plan to build. Jonathan is an advocate for Mindfulness in the workplace practices and his personal dream is to open a health retreat center in Honduras.

Advisory Board